Kodi Forked FMC and Others to Follow

Kodi Forked FMC and Others to Follow

Love is in the air once again in the community. With all of this Copyright B.S that Kodi people are bringing forward to take down anyone using their name. Groups are getting together to fork versions of kodi. This is in no way something new. A few examples that I am sure you have heard of are SPMC and TVMC. Even Matricom had their xbmc forked and even created a Matricom Media center. Sure these actions have not made a dent to the Kodi community but I do believe that this time people might just distant themselves from kodi for good. I mean, if all you have to do is rename the app and do a few tweaks, why not customize it and called whatever you please. Addons will work the same and life will be simpler. I was trying to pull the fork guidelines from http://kodi.tv but I and others are having a hard time accessing their site. They might be overwhelmed with traffic or maybe someone gave them a little taste of a DDOS attack. While this is happening, if you need any files from Kodi.tv. Go to http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/


Here is a list of xbmc and Kodi Forked versions that have been around. Source is wiki:

This is list of software projects or products that are third-party source ports, modified forks, or derivative work directly based on Kodi Entertainment Center (formerly XBMC Media Center), an open source media player application and entertainment platform developed by the non-profit technology consortium XBMC Foundation.

Main article: Kodi Entertainment Center

Because of its royalty-free and cross-platform nature, with Kodi/XBMC’s core code being written in C++ (ANSI standard),and it offering possibility for easy rebranding by ODM/OEM with customization of the interface look and feel using skins, and simple addons (plugins) from third-party developers available via Python scripts for content extensions, many systems integrators have created modified versions of Kodi together with aJeOS that are mostly used as a software appliance suite in a variety of devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, digital signage, hotel television systems, and network connected media players.

Popular derivative applications and devices such as MediaPortal, Plex, OpenELEC, ToFu, Boxee, Horizon TV, and PrismCube have all initially been spun off from the Kodi Entertainment Center (formerly XBMC Media Center) code base as their main software framework to create new digital ecosystems.


  • 1OpenELEC
  • 2GeeXboX
  • 3E2BMC
  • 4OpenPCTV
  • 5OpenBricks
  • 6TOFU Media Center by Pivos
  • 7Rippl-TV
  • 8Boxee
  • 9Cast4KODI
  • 109×9 Player for 9x9CloudTV
  • 11Horizon TV by Liberty Global
  • 12DVDFab Media Player
  • 13MediaPortal
  • 14MeeGo TV
  • 15MrMC
  • 16Pulse
  • 17Plex
  • 18RasPlex
  • 19EzeeCube by Ezee Systems
  • 20PrismCube by Marusys
  • 21XBMC4STB project by Vu+
  • 22Open Black Hole
  • 23LeMedia by LeMaker
  • 24SPMC
  • 25VidOn Media Center by VidOn.me
  • 26Voddler
  • 27ONEvision by at-visions
  • 28Element OS
  • 29Seebo MAXX
  • 30Crystalbuntu
  • 31OSMC (formerly Raspbmc)
  • 32EmbER (formerly MX Linux)
  • 33Qt Media Hub
  • 34yaVDR
  • 35XBian
  • 36XBMC for BSD
  • 37XBMC4XBox
  • 38See also
  • 39References
  • 40External links

Why another Kodi Fork?

Releasing the open source Kodi app on Google play would have violated some copyrights. However, under GPL as open source there was no problem on releasing it on Google Market if the name was changed. With this in mind, an innovative developer known as Chris Browet (Koying)decided to take the app further. He simply patched the original XBMC and made a stable Kodi Alternative that can be downloaded in Google Play and App store for free under the nameSemperPax Media center. Of course, this software is available for free download.

There are a few people out there like Husham claiming they are putting out FMC (Freedom Media Center). This would be a Forked version of Kodi. I am positive that in the next few weeks there will be a ton of these.  I do not see it as a good thing but if Kodi wants to push everyone away, Well the show must go on!


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