4 SIMPLE WAYS to Prevent Your Burnout | Kati Morton

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1. Know your limits: Know what signs / symptoms do you experience when getting burned out? What can you look out for and are there things you can do earlier before it gets too bad?
2. Boundaries: What they are and how to maintain them. Boundaries can be talked about in consideration to my property and your property, but when it comes to our mental health a boundary is something we set up to keep us safe, happy, and healthy. Meaning we have to decide where the line is between us feeling good and happy and us feeling tired and upset. So recognize what symptoms you experience when feeling burned out, so you can notice it more quickly. Decide how much you are willing to give to your work or personal relationships – boundaries around relationship issues, vacations, family members, personal struggles, etc. Leave something for yourself each and every day. That ensures we are able to get up again tomorrow and do it again. Work / life balance – Unfortunately, we aren’t robots, and can’t work around the clock. We need time for sleep, exercise, socialization, and many other things. That’s why we have to give ourselves breaks each day, week, and take annual vacations where you really disengage with work. Like we talked about in a previous episode, everyone’s needs are going to be different, so try out different ways to take breaks during your days, what types of vacations feel best to you, and make time for that. Work / life space separation. We can’t work, socialize and sleep in the same space. I know that may sound crazy, but our brain is adaptive and it will get used to focusing in the place where we do all of our work. If that place happens to be our bed, then it’s going to have an even harder time shutting off and allowing us to sleep. So make sure your different areas are broken down and separated, it can really help.
3. Working smarter instead of harder. I create to-done lists, keep my to-do lists to a max of 7 things, and this helps keep me motivated!
4. Delegate, outsource, or possibly create a team. Depending in what you do, you will need to have other people pick up certain tasks that you a) don’t have the time to complete yourself and b) your time is better spent doing something only you can do.

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