5 Ways to get Rid Of SELF-HATE! Healthcare with Kati Morton

Many of you have told me that you struggle with confidence, negative thoughts and just feeling shitty about yourself, so today I am teaching you 5 ways to get rid of self-hate!
1. Recognize that beliefs do not equal truths. Take some time to absorb what I just said. Just because we think something or believe a negative thought doesn’t make it true. I encourage you to instead notice these beliefs and search for evidence that contradicts it.

2. Notice your self-talk and work to change it. I know I say this all the time, but the conversation we have with ourselves is so vitally important. In all truth we actually talk to ourselves all day every day, so make sure you are having a loving and supportive dialog with yourself. It can change everything.

3. Notice how you think about others. Are you always thinking negatively or angrily about strangers or others in your life? This is usually a sign that our own conversation with ourself is so rough, that it’s leaking out onto others. If you find yourself doing this I encourage you to force yourself to say something positive about strangers and others in our life. It can turn your whole day and mood around.

4. Own your faults! Something that has really helped me work on my confidence and communication struggles is owning my faults. I know I can be stubborn, therefore if I catch myself not compromising for no logical reason, I decide I will give in and apologize. Knowing my faults and working to better manage them can help me not only feel more confident but also stop me from continuing to do things that could hurt others.

5. Make amends. One of the most common issues I hear in my office is that we ruminate over bad or hurtful things we have done in our past. Thinking about these past events can only make our self-esteem worse and worse. Make a plan to say sorry and move forward. There is no reason to keep beating yourself up for past events. We can’t change those, we can only change who we are today. xoxo


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