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Barbara Dunkelman & Mariel Salcedo – On The Couch with Kati

Last week I was on Rooster Teeth’s podcast “Always Open” with Barbara Dunkelman, Mariel Salcedo & Blaine Gibson. After talking about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc on their podcasts, Barb and Mariel stuck around to come on my couch and share their experiences with mental health help.

We talked about our experiences (or lack of) in therapy, whether or not we have struggled with mental health issues at some point on our lives, and if we know anyone who has. As always, they then share what advice they would give to a younger self. Hopefully, this video reminds you that needing to get help doesn’t make you weak or crazy, it really makes you strong and growing.

Big thank you to Rooster Teeth, Barb, Mariel & Blaine for having me on their podcast and for sharing their stories so openly 😉 xox

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