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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is a universal baseball competition authorized from 2006 to 2013 by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and after 2013 by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). It was proposed to the IBAF by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), and other expert baseball groups and their players relationship around the globe.

KOdi Baseball It is the fundamental baseball competition authorized by the WBSC, which awards to the victor the title of “World Champion”. It already coincided with Olympic Baseball (until 2008) and the Baseball World Cup (until 2011) as IBAF–sanctioned tournaments,[2] however baseball has not been on the Olympic program since 2008, after it was voted out by the International Olympic Committee in 2005. The last men’s Baseball World Cup was held in 2011, and was ceased to streamline the universal timetable. The 2013 Classic, the third release of the occasion, was won by the Dominican Republic in an all-Caribbean World Baseball Classic Final.[3]

The competition is the first of its kind to have the National Teams of IBAF’s part alliances highlight proficient players from the real classes far and wide including Major League Baseball. Notwithstanding giving a configuration to the best baseball players on the planet to go up against each other while speaking to their nations of origin, the World Baseball Classic was made keeping in mind the end goal to additionally advance the amusement around the world.

Following a 3-year crevice between the initial two portions of the competition, arrangements were made for the World Baseball Classic to be rehashed like clockwork taking after the 2009 occasion. The third portion of the Classic was held in 2013, and the following is booked for 2017.

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