Domingo Ayala Shares His Baseball Card Collection

Domingo Ayala shares some of his favorite classic baseball cards. This includes his own custom Dinger Select card. See which one is his all-time favorite. Make your own custom baseball card with Dinger Select! ★ Become Pro: Let's talk beisbol on SOCIAL MEDIA! ★ Facebook - ★…

Making a Thanksgiving Turkey with Domingo Ayala

Domingo Ayala teaches how to make his famous holiday turkey. It's all about choosing the right turkey and using the right ingredients. If you follow these steps you will have people raving about your holiday turkey cooking skills! ★ Become Pro: Let's talk beisbol on SOCIAL MEDIA! ★ Facebook…

Halloween Contest 2017 Recap

Domingo announces the winners of the 2017 Halloween Look-a-like contest. Thank you all for participating!

Domingo Congratulates Chris Sale

Domingo give a congratulations message to Chris Sale for placing out 300 in a single season. It is a formidable accomplishment and deserving of Domingo's approval.

Domingo Ayala’s 2017 MLB Playoff Predictions

Domingo Ayala offers his predictions for the 2017 MLB playoffs. Watch his extremely technical means of deciding what groups will win every collection.

Swing Analysis from Domingo Ayala #1

Domingo analyzes a swing from one of his fans. Watch Domingo go step by step through the swing to make sure his fan is on track to make it to the Big Tyne! Upload a video of your swing here and maybe Domingo will break it down in an upcoming…

Questions and Answers with Domingo Ayala #1

Domingo answers questions from the viewers! See what this week's questions and answers are. If you have any questions for Domingo and want to ask him in an upcoming video submit your questions here: OPTIONAL - include name and where you're from in the video

How to Pick Off at First Base

Shoutout to SeatGeek for partnering with me on this video! Get $20 off your first order with Code: DOMINGO ★ Check out SeatGeek: Today I will teach you how to pick the runner off at first base EVERY tyne! ★ Become Pro: Let's talk beisbol on SOCIAL MEDIA!…

Hitting Approach with Domingo Ayala and Bret Boone

Domingo Ayala teams up with former MLB Silver Slugger, Bret Boone, to teach the proper hitting approach for different situations. See if the two of them will agree or disagree when it comes to getting the job done.

Domingo Ayala: A Day in the Office with Triple Crown Sports

Baseball phenom, Domingo Ayala, is not only a wizard on the baseball field, but also in the office. He spent some time this off season with Triple Crown making sure they're on track to break records. Make sure to see Domingo at one of the Triple Crown tournaments this summer!…

Domingo Ayala’s Lesson with Joc Pederson and Coach Lisle

Baseball's top prospect, Domingo Ayala, meets with Dodgers outfielder, Joc Pederson, and hitting coach, Matt Lisle, to discuss the techniques to be "big tyne".

Yoga Class with Domingo Ayala

MLB prospect, Domingo Ayala, spent his offseason working on his body. In this video he takes you into one of his yoga classes to show how he stays in top shape. STRIKE PERFORMANCE D-BAT LEWISVILLE ERIN PRESTON YOGA

Coach Blamers

In this episode of Domingo Ayala's Theory of Beisbol Domingo discusses "coach blamers". These are the baseball and softball players that blame the coach for all their problems. But is it really the coach's fault? Probably not.

Super Agents

In this episode of Domingo Ayala's Theory of Beisbol Domingo discusses the role of the Super Agent. Today agents can control more than just contract negotiations. Let Domingo explain how much super agents can influence the game.

Mr Coach Obvious

In this episode of Domingo Ayala's Theory of Beisbol Domingo discusses the coaches that tell you things that you already know AKA Mr. Coach Obvious. You don't need a coach to tell you to catch the ball, so why does he yell that all the time??