Free Udemy Coupon for Web Design.  This course’s content is also included in another course I offer on web design and development using HTML5 & CSS3. Scroll down to explore that course as well! If you’re already enrolled in my other course, you have everything you need to start crafting stunning websites right away!

“Top-notch web design course on Udemy: For those interested in web design, this course goes beyond just teaching you ‘how to use WordPress.’ I highly recommend it.” — Florian Giusti

“Invaluable for the left-brained among us: While I’m familiar with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap, I needed guidance in web design. This course provided practical, effective techniques to make websites more visually appealing and engaging.” — Susan Darlene Cain

“Exceptional educational experience!: Everything about this course is fantastic—from the wealth of knowledge you’ll gain to the excellent instructors and flawless production. Simply put, I love this course!” — Lovisa

Did you know that eye-catching websites perform better, leading to more sales, signups, and ultimately more revenue? Want to learn how to achieve that?

If you’re looking to create an attractive website that stands out, you’ve come to the right place!

In this course, I’ll present over 25 straightforward web design principles in under an hour. No tedious theory or superfluous content. You’ll learn easy-to-understand web design rules and guidelines that you can apply to enhance your websites immediately!

Using stunning web design examples and my 25+ principles of remarkable web design, we’ll explore:

• Techniques for professionally designed text

• Effective use of color

• How to obtain and utilize stunning images, fonts, and icons for a polished website—all for FREE

• Crafting a layout with whitespace and visual hierarchy

• Staying inspired to continue learning about web design

• Enhancing your website’s conversion rate using 8 easy techniques

But that’s not all: I’ll also provide numerous valuable web design resources to kickstart your next project! These are practical tools used by real web design professionals!

The principles and guidelines you’ll learn in this course are applicable to various projects: design your WordPress theme, customize a Bootstrap site, start from scratch with HTML and CSS, or create a website mockup in Figma. The 25+ remarkable web design principles are versatile and ready for any project.

This course is ideal for experienced web developers looking to elevate the visual appeal and professionalism of their websites.

Who this course is for: Absolute beginners who aspire to create captivating websites that demand attention Back-end developers seeking to enhance the visual appeal of their websites UX designers aiming to improve the aesthetics of their projects.


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