Google Adsense Content Matched Ads

Google Adsense Content Matched Ads


Google’s Page Level Ads,  is a new feature which comprises of anchor/overlay ads and vignettes.In order to qualify for this you must have a large amount of daily impressions and good fresh content on your site. You need to prove to google that you are a “quality site”.


How to Enable Page Level Ads:


For those who have earned this perk, here is a simple guide on how to enable it.

On your google adsense Main page:

On the top right corner, Click on the wheel illustrated below and select the Settings Menu.

Google Adsense wheel settings 2

From the below menu Select “Site Management”

Google adsense Site Management

Here you will see the sites that are approved for Matched Content. It will have a Green check mark Stating “Ready” if it is approved.

Google Site Management Ready

The main idea behind the matched content is to engage customers and keep them inside your site for a lot longer. It also mimics the picture and data ads thus, making it more profitable for both the publisher and advertiser.  Increase your site’s page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue


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