Kodi Renegades TV Guide Addon

Kodi Renegades TV Guide Addon

Here is a quick how to setup the Renegades TV guide for Kodi and Jarvis 16.

Install the EPG & Skin Manager


1: You can download the zip from http://repo.sharktech.co.uk or goto FileManager and add http://repo.sharktech.co.uk as a source
2: Goto System > Addons > Install From Zip
3: Install the Renegades Repo Zip you downloaded or from the source you added.
4: Goto Get Addons > Renegades Repo > Programs
5: Select one of them and install

Once installed both will show in the Programs Section (Not Videos).

To activate a skin

1: Goto Programs Section and highlight RenegadesTV
2: Press Context Menu (usually info, multiline or tab button)
3: Select Addon Settings
4: Goto Appearance and scroll through the skins until you find the one you downloaded


We have a number of addons that work with Renegades and as you select a channel for the first time a number of these will be auto-linked, not all though.

Any that don’t you will be able to select an addon if they have a matching channel in the choose stream tab when selecting a stream (done by bringing up context menu).

The following addons will automatically work with RenegadesTV:

CanTV Live – PodGod,
Project Cypher – ProjectCypher,
IPTV Xtra – exPat,
Stream Engine – MuckyDucks,
Playlist Loader – Israel,
ftv(filmon.tv) – Kinkin,
SportsDevil – Ares Wizard,
Israelive – Israel,
FUBAR – MuckyDucks,
Channel Pear – PodGod,
Daffys List – Daffy,
Phoenix – TV Addons,
NJM Soccer – Ares Wizard,
Dexter – dexter,
USTV NOW – lunatix

To install any of the above:

1: Goto System > Addons > Get Addons
2: Select Renegades repo
3: Select the relevant repo
4: Wait a bit and it should confirm that the repo is enabled
5: Goto Get Addons
6: Select the relevant repo
7: Select Video Addons
8: Select the relevant addon

Once installed RenegadesTV will automatically make the addon available for channel selection.

You can also link to any other addon we haven’t already integrated by favouriting every link in the addon then selecting the favourite in the choose stream section, via context menu.

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