Many of us worry about being too needy, and we aren’t sure what needs are okay versus what’s too much. Today I break down how to know what needs are okay and good for our overall wellbeing, and what is too much.
First it’s important to know that we ALL have needs, and having needs is okay and very normal! Did you hear that? It’s okay and normal to have needs. My advice is instead of worrying what needs are okay or not okay, we instead look inside to find healthy ways to get those needs met. This could be talking to ourselves in a nicer way, or making time for ourselves. Whatever it is that we need (physically or emotionally) it’s up to us to do our own work to fill those needs. Does that make sense?
Cause if we depend on others to fill those needs, we can worry that we are asking too much from them, or they can let us down. Since we can’t ever control how others act or what they do, we have to count on our own personal work to help us feel whole and taken care of.

I know this is a tough concept to fully understand, so if you want me to talk more about this, please let me know in the comments!! xoxo But I hope this at least helps you better understand your own needs and how you can get them met.

Here’s the question:
#KatiFAQ 1. How do you tell the difference between neediness and needs that need to be met? 2. How do you know what is okay to need? 3. Can neediness be dealt with by setting boundaries toward others? (That’s how I interpreted it when I watched the video) I’ve always thought you had to set boundaries for you own behavior.

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