“REVOLVER” Performance & Tutorial and Deck Giveaway

Sorry I’ve been away so long dealing with family health issues. I really appreciate your continued support and I plan on uploading many more videos 🙂

Here is a revised version of the Revolver Card Trick I posted in 2010 on my other channel. This is a classic card trick that is not difficult and it always gets great reactions.

DECK GIVEAWAY Please leave a comment and like the video and I will be selecting 8 random comment winners to be announced in my next video.

Here are the 18 winners below. All winners please contact me at

zunegro 77
Theo The beast
Rahim Lakhani
Sam Hebb
Mees Apeldoorn
Jack Burton
Sandro Jimenez
gavin meadows
Dubba Smoke

Jennifer Low (orange)
patsy harrington (orange)
Ethan Thomas (green)
Did I Just Burn It? (green)
Seamus550 (turquoise)
David ripplinger (turquoise)
Bishoy Naguib (purple)
Tyler Vaughn (purple)

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