Roadkill Nation Special! 8 Fans vs. Roadkill Hosts in Dodge Hellcats and Vipers

Roadkill Nation, powered by Dodge, is a special bonus episode—a Roadkill take on a competition reality show. We hosted a contest where Roadkill fans sent us videos to convince us that they should be among the eight winners who would be flown on an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to visit the Roadkill headquarters, hang out with Roadkill hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, and race against them in brand-new, 707-horsepower, Dodge SRT Hellcat-powered Chargers and Challengers as well as 645-horsepower Dodge Viper SRT supercars. The fun competition is a battle to win the Mike Finnegan-built titanium trophies as the fans are paired into teams for the figure 8 in Hellcat Chargers, the dragstrip in Hellcat Challengers, and the autocross in Viper SRTs. In the end, it’s really about the tire smoke. And don’t worry, there are still 12 episodes of regular Roadkill this season…the Roadkill Nation show is an extra, 13th episode for 2015.

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