SkyMashiTV APK [Windows App] “Install and Setup Kodi easier!” | How to Install?

SkyMashiTV is always be innovative in his app creations, and this is no exception! Watch this video as I tell you my thoughts on it and how to install. Please observe the installation guide below, as it may contain changes that the video above doesn’t show. -Caz-
SkyMashiTV Facebook(Dev: Markus): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1555745284754323/?__mref=message_bubble

” / ” (used as the word “THEN” e.g. SYSTEMS/FILE MANAGER = Systems then File Manager)
Installation Guides:
Method 1 (SkyMashi Repo):

1) Go to Web Broswer / Type in ” http://skymashi.eu/wizard/
2) Select and Install “SkyMashiTV-X-X-X.exe
3) After successful installation, go to Downloads/ Install SkyMashiTV.exe

Method 2 (Simply Caz Repo):

1) Go to Web Broswer / Type in ” http://repo.cazwall.com/sc
2) Then KODI and APK Folder/ APKs/Movie & TV folder/Select and Install “SkyMashiTV-X-X-X.apk -OR- KODI/ Select and Install “SkyMashiTV-X-X-X.apk
3) After successful installation, go to Downloads/ Install SkyMashiTV.exe


**FOR BUILDS: On Android Boxes, you will have to manually Force Stop Kodi by going into the exterior settings: Press “Home/House Button”/Settings/ APPS/ KODI/ Force Stop**
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