Thai-Style Chicken And Coconut Soup

Thai-Style Chicken And Coconut Soup


– 1 Tbsp. of oil
– 2 stalks of lemongrass, smashed and cut into pieces
– 2” piece of peeled ginger
– 1
Tbsp. of lime zest
– 1/4 cup of lime juice
– 5 cups of chicken stock
– 1 lb of boneless, skinless chicken thigh, sliced
– 8 oz of sliced shiitake mushrooms (or whatever kind of mushrooms you like)
– 2 cups of unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 tsp of sugar
– 2 Tbsp. of fish sauce

Optional ingredients:
– Cilantro
– Chili oil

In a soup pot, heat oil, lemongrass, ginger until fragrant. Add the lime juice and chicken stock. Bring to a boil then cover and lower heat to a simmer. Simmer for 30 minutes then remove the lemongrass and ginger. Add chicken, cover and simmer for another 30 minutes or until chicken is done cooking. Add the mushrooms, coconut milk, sugar and fish sauce. Bring to a boil and serve with cilantro and a drizzle of chili oil.

Inspired by the Thai dish Tom Kha Gai.

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