Top Cancer Causes

Top Cancer Causes

Here are the top 10 Cancer Causes. There are no two people alike. And each person has his body… His metabolism… And his own way to react to external aggression. However, all people are vulnerable to Carcinogens, some more than others.


According to the c, carcinogens are divided into four groups. And it is within the Group 1 where resides the greatest enemies of health. According with BBC, they are:

1. Tobacco – half of smokers die from the habit, and smoking is by far the most carcinogenic of the modern world.

2. In second place is Passive smoking. More than 600 thousand people die each year due to secondhand smoke, and 28% of the deaths are children.

3. Air pollution – As much your lifestyle may be (with a balanced diet and exercise), air pollution is highly carcinogenic, and 1600 cities being watched by the World Health Organisation.

4. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV). Not only in the summer that we must be cautious. Malignant melanoma is the main consequence of excessive exposure without sun protection, and types of the deadliest cancer.

5. Smoke from diesel cars – Since from the 80’s, this smoke appears in Group 1 of carcinogens, since high levels of Nitroarene can directly affect health.

6. Chemical formaldehyde – used in the manufacture of resins, and present in products such as glue solvent, this chemical can also be found in liquid form formaldehyde. Inhalation may be fatal and lead to cancer in the nose, pharynx or leukemia.

7. Preventative pills. Progesterone and Sstrogen for Hormone substitution. The danger increments when there is a consolidated utilization of hormones, and menopausal ladies taking estrogen and progesterone have a more serious danger of torment from bosom growth.

8. Liquor – here, what numbers is amount. The more the more awful. Also, manhandle can be deadly.

9. Prepared meat – an expansion in the utilization of 50 grams for each day of handled meat is 18% more inclined to create colorectal disease.

10. Presentation to radon Gas. This radioactive gas is dry and unscented, however profoundly hindering to wellbeing, and may bring about tumor in the lungs.

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