Here are the key steps to transfer a child support case from Texas to Florida:

  1. File a petition to transfer with the Texas court that currently has jurisdiction over your child support order. You’ll need to explain why you want to transfer the case to Florida.
  2. Serve the other parent with a notice of the petition if they still live in Texas. They have 20 days to object to the transfer.
  3. If there are no objections, the Texas court will send the petition to the Florida court in the county where the children now reside.
  4. The Florida court will then decide whether to accept the transfer. If accepted, the Florida court takes over jurisdiction.
  5. File a motion in the Florida court to domesticate the Texas child support order. This makes the Texas order enforceable in Florida.
  6. Provide the Florida child support agency with copies of your current Texas child support order.
  7. The Florida agency will review the order and may modify it as needed to comply with Florida guidelines before enforcing it.
  8. Going forward, you’ll work with the Florida child support agency to manage payments, modifications, etc.

Here are some of the key forms you’ll need to fill out to transfer a child support case from Texas to Florida:

  • Petition to Transfer Case to Another State – This petitions the Texas court to transfer the case to Florida. It establishes why you want to transfer.
  • Uniform Support Petition – Filed in Florida to open a new child support case and domesticate the Texas order.
  • Notice of Petition to Transfer – Must be served to the other parent notifying them of the requested transfer.
  • Child Support Enforcement Transmittal – Used by Texas to refer the case to Florida’s child support agency.
  • Certificate of Authentication – Helps prove the validity of Texas court orders to the Florida court.
  • Registration Statement – Filed in Florida to enroll and domesticate the Texas support order.
  • Notice of Registration – Notifies the other parent that you registered the Texas order in Florida.
  • Motion for Enforcement – If needed, asks the Florida court to enforce the registered Texas order.
  • Financial Affidavit – Filed in Florida to provide financial details in order to modify support.
  • Child Support Guidelines Worksheet – Helps determine obligor’s support amount under Florida rules.

It’s recommended to seek legal advice to ensure you obtain and complete all required forms. The court clerks can also provide forms in both states.

Key tips:

  • Consult family lawyers in both states to ensure proper procedures are followed.
  • The process can take several months to fully complete.
  • Keep paying Texas support until the Florida court officially takes over.

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