Underwater Flash Light, Car Jump Starter and Powerbank

Underwater Flash Light, Car Jump Starter and Powerban

World’s First Underwater Flashlight, Car Jump Starter and Power Bank – Charge your Cell, Charge your GoPro, Jump your Car. Other cost saving processes have been incorporated without sacrificing performance or quality RESULTING IN THE BEST PRICE OF ANY DEVICE OF THIS NATURE ON THE MARKET TODAY.

Jumper Power Labs was born out of the rapid, revolutionary development in new battery pack technology, catalyzing in our dream to build a product that satisfied every ideas we had for the perfect power bank. Our inaugural product VIS was named in honor of the Latin word for ‘useful power’. We thought it was fitting considering the tremendous utility that has been engineered into this product. VIS Hummer was designed to take as much as possible from the 12,000 mAh high output Cobalt B Lithium-Ion battery pack that is fitted inside. The VIS Hummer is a powerfully engineered instrument able to solve multiple problems as they may arise on life’s long road of adventure. Our strategic battery and tooling partner in Taiwan, Kuan Yu Lu has worked tirelessly over two years in order to develop what we have today: a truly portable multi-function power solution we are proud to call the VIS Hummer. The Vis Hummer is our best and most powerful product ever designed and produced. It is setting the standard for device of this nature in the market. http://Kickstarter.com

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