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What is drug addiction and what are our treatment options? The DSM covers 10 classes of drugs in the section “Substance Related & Addictive Disorders.” When any of these substances are taken in excess, it directly activates our brains reward system. It’s this “reward” like feeling that we call being “high.” Because doing drugs makes us feel really good, it is incredibly hard for someone addicted to them to stop. Some even report feeling an intense depression after coming down from a high. There are many options for treatment, but I talk about 5 in this video.
1. GP or your general doctor. It’s important to get a full physical to make sure that everything is okay and that we are in good health. Especially important before detoxing.
2. Group therapy: Whether it’s NA or AA it’s great to hear other people’s stories and know that you are not alone. Also, due to their sponsorship program, it can give you some extra support when you need it most.
3. Medication. I know there’s a stigma about taking medication but medication can not only help you manage the symptoms of a possible secondary diagnosis, but also if we are detoxing, medication may be needed to help our body do it safely.
4. Therapy! It can help to talk about the reason that we actually started using, and even be given some behavioral techniques to cope with the urges to use.
5. Inpatient! If you are able to afford (or get it covered by insurance) inpatient is the best for addiction recovery. You get all of the other treatment options I mentioned earlier all in once place. You get support 24/7 as well as constant medical supervision and treatment.

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