What is Intuitive Eating?

Could you maybe do more on intuitive eating? I know several people are asking for more information. Could it be accessible to the whole community?
First know that this must only be done when we are for the most part fully recovered from our eating disorder and are safe to move from a meal plan into trusting our body/mind relationship. This isn’t for everyone, and wait until your therapist or dietitian tell you it’s okay! Now I think it’s great to start by going over some of the principles of intuitive eating. But here are some things about intuitive eating to get you started:
Stop dieting – or more importantly, stop the diet mentality. This is still a black and white form of living and sets us up to not only ignore our bodies, but also it sets us up for failure.
Honor your hunger and fullness – listen to your body, check in with it, it tells us what it wants and when it doesn’t want anymore. Give it the time to tell you.
Make peace with food – stop fighting with it, hating it, etc. Give yourself the permission to eat without any conditions. There aren’t any good or bad foods, foods that are off limits or things that you can only have at certain times of the year. This only makes us want those items more, and overeat them when we can have them. This will stop us from having last meals or binging on certain foods and then feeling guilt about it. Cause if we can eat whatever we want whenever we want it becomes less guilt ridden, more pleasurable, and we will be able to see that we can have what we crave without it ruining our day.
Start loving your body – we are all different. Everyone’s body is going to look different, and we need to stop yelling at ours, being angry for what it’s not, and appreciating all it does for us. This will not only improve your mood, maybe help with your anxiety or depression, but it also stops us from getting back into that diet mentality and black and white thinking that comes along with it.
Take care of yourself. We will all crave different foods at different times, but we still need to eat a balanced diet. So incorporate all types of food so that you are getting all the nutrients, proteins, etc that your body needs, and trust me, if you listen to it, it will tell you that it wants all things when it needs it.

The book I mention:
Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition: A Revolutionary Program That Works

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