WHUFCLEE Support Dropped For FMC kodi

WHUFCLEE Support Dropped For FMC kodi

Here is a great read about what is going on in the Kodi community in regards to this new FMC or Freedom Media Center. Whufclee from Noobsandnreds stated he will not be supporting it. Here is what he said:

I’m sure a few of you may have heard the rumours on social media that Kodi is dying and and it’s being replaced by a new fork called FMC. Well don’t fear, that is absolute rubbish – Kodi is here to stay! It’s been here for 12 years and the only team capable of updating with new features and pushing fixes is the official Kodi team. It’s pointless forking Kodi unless you plan on improving upon the code and it looks as though FMC is essentially going to be another TVMC type fork (just a rename with new artwork) and I very much doubt there will be any support from the foundation. This will of course mean support wise there will be nobody knowledgeable enough to offer help. It’s all well and good knowing a few things about the basics of how the system works but when it comes to the more technical stuff you really need someone from the foundation to help out.

Why The Fork?
Everyone will have their own opinion but to me it would appear the reason for the fork is simply down to money – some Kodi fansites and YouTubers have recently been given cease and desist letters from the foundation for using their trademark without permission. When XBMC changed name to Kodi it was made VERY clear what is and isn’t allowed with the new trademark name and using the name Kodi in any domain is not allowed (as well as some other things, see here for more info). It would appear the foundation are now taking action against those that decided to ignore the rules. Of course this will hit some people hard as they get a lot of income via adverts (especially ads in all the YouTube videos – a very good income can be made from that).

Now I’m not writing this to get into a debate about who’s right or wrong, I just want to put the facts out there as there seems to be some ridiculous claims on social media today…

Kodi is dying:  FALSE

Some websites/channel owners have received letters from Kodi foundation demanding they take down content: I have reliably been told this is true but have not yet seen any proof to back that up.

Forking Kodi was the only solution: There’s no need for yet another fork of Kodi, what purpose does it serve? To the best of my knowledge there is nobody in any of the “fork” teams that have any real experience with the base code so the only changes that are likely to appear are some artwork, a rename and possibly some addons pre-installed. Just as we’ve seen previously, the forked version will always be behind Kodi in terms of stability and updates – simply because no base code will be worked on and they will rely on the foundation to push updates which can then be compiled in their forked version at a later date.

Future Add-on Support DROPPED
To me this appears to be a last ditch attempt from those wishing to profit from Kodi and who have no interest in helping the community. This is my view only and not necessarily the view of the NaN team but as I’m a major contributor in the code here I’ve decided to stop all add-on support for non-official forks. Any code I’m involved in will continue to support Kodi and XBMC4Xbox only. NaN are due to release a number of great new add-ons over the coming weeks and they will only be supported on mainbranch and will not work on any forks. The only exception to the rule is SPMC – as that’s where all the latest Android Kodi development comes from it will be partially supported. Despite my opinions with the new fork this decision is purely down to the fact I can’t deal with the support from yet another forked version, there is nothing wrong with mainbranch Kodi so why use anything else? Whenever a new forked version comes out it also has it’s own little bugs and from a support side of things it causes real headaches. Sorry but the decision (from me at least) is made and is final.

Will NaN ever bring out their own forked version of Kodi?
I sincerely hope not, it has been discussed many times and I have always been against the idea. I can’t speak for the site owners or the team but I’d say from previous discussions it’s highly unlikely as nobody here has the expertise to improve upon the already great system. The foundation do an amazing job with it so lets just allow them do their thing and enjoy all the new exciting features they bring with each new release :)

A note to the FMC team:
I have no ill feeling towards any of you and hope you prove me wrong and make this a success, it’s just my opinion that another fork is pointless and only serves to add confusion to any newcomers. Who knows, maybe a year down the line I may change my mind and if the fork proves to be stable enough I’ll look into supporting it but for now all add-ons I’m involved with will not work on the system.

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