Wink – Learn to code with a bug! Robots for everyone!

Wink – Learn to code with a bug! Robots for everyone!

Learn to code the easy way!

Wink is an Arduino based robot designed to help transition students from graphical programming to more powerful written code languages. His low cost and smarts are perfectly suited to STEM education and learning workshops. He’s also a perfect introduction for grownups interested in tinkering with robotics that don’t know where to begin.

The Scratch programming environment has become a popular way to introduce kids to basic programming concepts. The graphical interface is easy and inviting.

Eventually students need to move on to writing actual code. We designed Wink to be the next logical step – allowing students and grownups to learn actual written code with small simple steps while having fun along the way.

The Wink project was born out of collaboration with educators who were looking for a robot platform to bridge the simplicity of graphical style programming to “real world” programming languages like Java, Python, C, and C++. Wink is a great solution. He is low cost, fun to play with, and well suited to teach the basics of written code in an engaging way.

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